6 Ways to Prevent Emergency Plumbing Nightmares

Plumbing is one of the most vital systems in homes, offices, and other commercial establishments. It comprises a complex network of pipes, drains, vent stacks, water heaters, furnishings, and more. Because many of these components are generally not exposed, most homeowners are unaware of problems in their plumbing system until unpleasant odour, leaking taps, weird water sounds, burst pipes, and other apparent signs emerge.

While some plumbing issues are simple enough to solve, others require the help of local plumbing experts using special equipment. Regardless, it’s a hassle to be in a plumbing emergency.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent plumbing nightmares and save yourself from high-cost repairs. Read on to know more.

1. Be mindful of what goes into the drains

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems around the house. It’s noticeable in kitchen sinks and bathrooms. You’ll know that you have blocked drains when water takes forever to drain from your sink, water backs up as you shower, or you see or hear a bubbling sound from your toilet. A blockage may also cause a foul odour in your drains or puddles forming near your toilet.

To prevent a clogged toilet, avoid flushing non-dissolvable products in it. Use a drain hair catcher in your shower to collect loose hair and stop them from going down the pipes.

Disposing used cooking oil in the kitchen sink is always tempting because it’s convenient. But oils and fats can accumulate and stick to pipes, eventually slowing the water flow. Rather than tossing the grease down the drain, use an old jar to collect it when it’s cool enough. Before throwing them in the trash bin, you may also freeze used oils to avoid spillage.

2. Immediately replace worn-out toilet flappers

Toilet flappers deteriorate over time and can create problems like overflows, mould growth, and high water bills if not taken care of right away. Experienced emergency plumbers recommend replacing the toilet flapper every two to five years or as soon as it’s warped out of shape.

A simple way to determine if it’s time to change your flapper is to add drops of food colouring in the cistern overnight. If the colour seeps into your toilet bowl the following day, you have a faulty flapper.

Replacing a flapper will only take a few minutes and cost much less than replacing your toilet. You can do it yourself or contact a local plumber. On the other hand, neglecting a shabby flapper can escalate into a more serious plumbing issue and cost you more for toilet repairs.

3. Inspect your water pressure

The optimum performance of your entire plumbing system depends on having the proper water pressure. Ideally, you should maintain a water pressure between 40 and 60 psi (pounds per square inch). You can adjust it depending on the needs of your household. However, you should not exceed 80 psi.

If you have low water pressure in your home, you will experience poor water distribution. Other problems that may occur when the water pressure is consistently low include pipe corrosion, sediment build-up, and malfunctioning water regulator. Meanwhile, high water pressure is not good either, as it can cause premature wear and tear to your pipes and fixtures.

Checking your water regulator is the first thing you can do to ensure that the water pressure in your plumbing system is correct. If the regulator is not the problem, it’s best to contact an emergency plumber to inspect and correct the water pressure in your plumbing system.


shower head faucet and hose fitting


4. Maintain your water heater regularly

The water heater is every household’s best friend during the cold and winter season. When it fails, it creates an inconvenience and also becomes a costly expense.

Signs of a water heater disaster include not getting hot water out of the shower or taps, unusual noise or popping sound coming from the heater, discoloured water, and water leaks. The build-up of hard water mineral deposits causes low pressure in the heater, tank corrosion, and reduced heat efficiency.

It’s best practice to check the pressure valve regularly and drain your water heater periodically to flush out excessive mineral deposits. Keep an eye on hard water stains at the base of your water heater tank. You may use natural cleaners like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda to remove hardened and built-up grimes.

5. Plan where to plant trees on your property

Trees provide shade and add elegance to your outdoor space. But their roots can grow deep and find their way into your sewer pipes which may eventually cause root obstruction. If the problem is not detected early on, it could wreak havoc on your sewer system. A foul odour inside and outside your home usually indicates roots have grown or accumulated in your pipes.

A seasoned landscaper can help identify the right location to plant trees on your property. They can recommend plants with non-invasive roots and offer further advice on how to prevent tree root issues.

6. Get in touch with a Rockingham plumber

Preventing plumbing emergencies doesn’t always mean expensive maintenance. That’s if you can find water leak problems and other plumbing issues before they worsen.

But sometimes, despite your best efforts, plumbing-related problems continue to emerge. It doesn’t help that some plumbing issues are not always visible or easily identifiable, like gas leaks. In such situations, professional plumber and gas fitter services prove invaluable.

Local plumbers offer a wide range of plumbing and gas services. They have the right equipment to check the hot water pressure and conduct accurate water leak detection or gas leak detection. Professional plumbers can also perform hot water system and toilet installation, fix blocked toilets, or check plumbing vents.

It’s much more ideal to have a trusted emergency plumber in Rockingham tackle your emergency plumbing dilemma than handle things yourself. Hiring a professional prevents you from putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. Don’t just search for any “emergency plumber near me”. Always look for emergency plumbing services providers with your best interest in mind.

Please book us today and let our professional, licensed, and fully insured plumber in Rockingham help you prevent chaos from ever happening.

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