8 Signs You Need Hot Water System Replacement

Hot water systems are some of the most used appliances in our homes. From bathing and cooking to cleaning, we rely on water heaters for everyday household activities.

With all the workload your hot water unit needs to perform, it’s not surprising that it can give way to wear and tear faster than other home appliances. And when that happens, it can cause considerable inconvenience to you and your family.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye to Your Water Heating System?

To avoid the hassle, you should know when your hot water system requires replacement. Before you ring up a professional hot water system service in Rockingham or Baldivis, it helps to know the signs that your water heater is on its way out. Here are eight common signs your hot water unit is about to conk out. Read on. 

1. Your Electric Bill is Rising

Electric hot water systems account for about 15%-27% of a home’s energy costs, depending on your location.

If your water heating unit takes too long to warm up the water in your home, it could cause an uptick in your electric bill.

Many parts in hot water systems age significantly, affecting how well it warms up the water in the storage tank. Besides, not all water heaters are the same. Some units are more energy efficient than others.

If your electric bill has increased recently, and your electric water heater takes longer to heat water, contact a hot water specialist to inspect the unit and replace worn-out parts.

2. Water Isn’t Hot Enough

Kenec Plumbing and Gas new hot water system installationYour hot water system needs replacement if the tap turns cold halfway through after you turn it on or the unit fails to sufficiently heat the water.

Over time, sediments build up in the bottom of your water tank, affecting the burner’s ability to heat the water.

Another underlying issue when you’re not getting enough hot water is your system’s broken dip tube. Typically, a dip tube pushes cold water to the bottom of the tank, where it is heated. Thus, if the dip tube does not function well, you can only get lukewarm or cold water.

If you’re getting some warm water in the shower but not hot enough, you may need to upgrade the water heating system or switch to a tankless water heater. If you are always getting lukewarm water, talk to a hot water specialist about replacing the hot water tank or installing a new hot water system.

3. Hot Water System Is Too Old

The typical hot water system requires replacement after about ten years. However, the lifespan depends on the unit’s design, maintenance, and water quality in your area.

If the water heating system is over ten years old, it’s probably time to replace it. You may upgrade to more energy-efficient models or switch from electric to solar water heaters.

If you have replaced the water heater, having regular maintenance will help ensure your water heating system lasts longer.

4. Leaky Hot Water System or Rusty Fittings

The main hot water pipeline is made of cast or metal. If you have a traditional tank water heater, its inner surface would also be metal. That means it’s susceptible to rust or corrosion and could cause rusty water.

Corrosion on your water system’s fittings means you probably have a leaky system. Hot water leaks are often difficult to fix, and you should contact a professional plumber to inspect and advise which fittings require replacement.

5. A Hissing or Sizzling Noise

Have you noticed your water heater making a hissing sound? It might be because of sediment build-up leaving a deposit at the bottom of your water heater tank, or it could be a leaky water tank. As more sediments accumulate in your tank, water is trapped and becomes steam, producing sizzling noise when the hot water unit is running.

If the tank leaks, it can constantly hiss while you’re using hot water in the shower or kitchen. Check if water starts to pool underneath the water tank, or better contact a qualified plumber in Rockingham or Baldivis for immediate inspection.

6. Faulty Drain Valve

Sediments in the water tank’s interior can clog the drain valve. Sometimes the clogged hot water drain valve could cause leaks, resulting in severe inconveniences for the homeowner.

Whilst it can be done via the DIY route, unclogging or replacing the hot water drain valve can be risky and requires skills, as the hot water can cause severe burns. Calling in a professional hot water system plumber is the safest way to unclog the drain valve.

7. Increased Hot Water Demand

Hot water demand in a household is often crucial when plumbers determine the water heater size to install.

If you live with more people at home, your household’s hot water demand will be higher. The water heater tank may no longer be large enough to accommodate your hot water needs. It’s essential to have the water heater replaced with a unit that has a larger capacity.

8. Frequent Repairs

Frequent hot water system repairs can indicate a worn-out system due for replacement. Water heating systems that are ten years old or above may require frequent repairs.


3 Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Water Systems

1. What Are the Common Issues With Solar Hot Water Systems?

  • Noisy heating components
  • Not enough hot water due to parts failure
  • Components corrosion and scaling
  • Leaking water or heat transfer fluid

2. How Often Should I Service My Electric Hot Water System?

You should contact a hot water specialist at least once annually. The hot water plumber will inspect the system’s components for faults and advice you appropriately. The servicing should include flushing the tank to eliminate sediment build-up inside the water heater’s tank.

3. Does A Solar Hot Water System Stay Hot Overnight?

Yes! The solar hot water system comes insulated to keep the water stored in the tank safely and ready to use throughout the night.



If your hot water system no longer functions efficiently, it may be time to consider replacing it. 

If you live in Baldivis, Rockingham, Mandurah, and surrounding areas near Perth, Kenec Plumbing and Gas is the hot water specialist near you. As professional plumbers, we will ensure a continuous flow system so that you can enjoy hot water throughout the year.

We are a full-service local plumbing business with extensive experience installing, repairing, servicing, and replacing hot water systems. If you have defective hot water heaters, contact Kenec Plumbing and Gas. Call us to get a quote or book online to enjoy a 10% discount on labour.

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