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A broken water system, faulty or a leaky gas connection translates into money loss and can also result in fatal accidents.


For instance, gas leaks from a mechanical bolted sleeve coupling on a gas line could result in an LPG vapour cloud that can ignite from an electrical source, resulting in fire and explosion.


Consequently, a leaky sewage pipe could result in flooding and create favorable mold growth conditions. Avoid such frustrating occurrences by hiring Ravenswood’s best plumbing and gas fitting professionals.


Are you a resident of Ravenswood and urgently need a local gas plumber and hot water system? Save money and time by calling Kenec Plumbing and Gas.


We are a leading plumbing and blocked drain specialist, delivering pure excellence and value for money by providing you with professional solutions.


Our experienced and professional plumbers specialize in jobs other plumbers do not want to touch. We take pride in our excellent customer service, and we commit to getting the job done quickly and affordably.


As a full-service plumbing and gas fitting service in Ravenswood, we guarantee our customers efficiency and reliability no matter the complexity of the water plumbing or gas system issue they face.


Here is a detailed overview of our services and solutions.

Trust in The Locals

With years of experience unblocking drains, we have equipped all our vehicles with the latest advanced drain clearing equipment which allows us to quickly locate, identify and fix the problem.


Local Team


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KENEC Plumbing and Gas

Gas Appliances & Services we assist with:

Kenec Plumbing & Gas are specialists in unblocking sewer drains, storm water drains, cctv drain & pipe inspection, installation of hot water units, water & gas leak detection as well as many other plumbing-related problems.

Gas Installations

Installing a gas line is a risky and complicated job, and you should only trust professional plumbing and gas fitting service, providers.

At Kenec Plumbing and Gas, we acknowledge that the gas system is an essential investment for most residents.

Without a functional and reliable gas system, it will be impossible to live comfortably and safely. We take gas fitting services seriously and offer our customers the attention they deserve.

As leading licensed gas fitters, we make sure that you have properly trained professionals with hands-on experience in installing a gas line taking care of your needs.

We prepare and follow a detailed gas installation plan to ensure flawless installation at the customer's premises, safeguarding the use of suitable gas pipes and standard accessories to avoid gas leaks and other issues in the future.

Gas Leak Detection and Maintenance

Gas lines require regular inspection to identify unsafe conditions and ensure early gas leak detection. A routine gas line inspection comes with a reliable and uninterrupted gas supply and prevents expensive gas line repairs and replacement.

Our reliable and experienced gas installers use modern gas leak detection and gas line inspection equipment.

Therefore, we detect any gas leak and gas line issues early, protecting our customers from accidents and losses occurring through leaking gas pipes.

Contact Kenec Plumbing and Gas Fitters to optimise your gas line.

Gas line repair and replacement services

Proper gas installations and regular maintenance ensure stable gas flow. Gas lines and tubes corrode over time, especially at joints, resulting in gas leaks, needing occasional replacement.

If you need an emergency gas installation or replacement in Ravenswood and surrounding areas, contact Kenec Plumbing and gas fitting for professional gas line repair and replacement of worn gas pipes and tubes.

Remember, dealing with gas leaks and lines maintenance without proper experience can be dangerous. Therefore, you should only call a certified plumbing and gas fitting service provider in Ravenswood.

Installation of Gas Appliances

In Ravenswood and other Australian states, the gas inlet connection from the mainline to the gas meter must conform to the Australian Standard for Gas Installations (AS 5601). The same applies to the installation of any natural gas appliances and equipment.

The gas meters, pressure regulators, and gas cookers require proper maintenance and protection from all interference. We recommend that you refrain from self-installation of safety valves and fittings or even the gas control knobs.

At Kenec, we thoroughly check and ensure that gas appliances carry the Australian Gas Association certification badge. You can be sure that the appliances underwent proper testing and followed the highest manufacturing standards.

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Gas Fitters include:

  • We check for and prevent severe disasters that could occur due to small leaks
  • Our experienced gas fitters examine gas appliances for quality, averting gas supply disruptions and accidents.
  • Kenec Gas fitters perform all the necessary checks to ensure everything works appropriately and provides tips on dealing with leaks.   

Hot Water & Blocked Drain Experts In Ravenswood

Blocked drains, burst and leaking water pipes, and hot water systems are common issues reported by residential and commercial property owners. When experiencing such nerve-wracking problems, you need professional plumbing service.


Here is a detailed overview of the services we offer:

Hot Water Systems

Kenec have extensive experience installing, repairing, servicing, or replacing hot water systems. Over the past years, we have installed, repaired, and replaced hot water systems from the leading brands. Therefore, regardless of the hot water systems at your residence, we deliver the best solutions.

Emergency Plumbing Ravenswood and Surrounding Areas

Kenec Plumbing and Gas Difference Image - House Cross Section Illustration

Kenec Plumbing & Gas provides reliable and efficient solutions whenever you are experiencing emergencies. Our equipped plumbers are available and shall arrive on-site quickly and deploy fast solutions to your problem.

After that, we perform restorative solutions, ensuring your plumbing system works. We provide rapid response, whether burst sewer lines, blocked faucets, or leaking water pipes. We have a team of plumbers serving Ravenswood and surrounding areas and guarantee you 100% satisfaction in response time, situation control, and restorative solutions.

Blocked Drains and Leak Detection

Burst pipes result in water leaks which in turn cause mold growth and expensive utility bills. You need a professional plumbing service to detect water leaks and unclog blocked drains.

Kenec plumbing and gas have invested in modern equipment that enables faster detecting of pipe locating and leaks.

Our excavator enables us to access the tightest spaces and is essential for underground plumbing and gas pipes.

At Kenec Plumbing, we make sure we do the job right at an affordable price.

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